Justin Reedy photo

My name is Justin Reedy, and I am a communication scholar. I am an associate professor in the Department of Communication and research associate in the Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (formerly the Center for Risk & Crisis Management) at the University of Oklahoma. 

I am an applied social scientist with a program of research on communication in politics and in areas involving personal and societal risk. I use mixed methods approaches to study group deliberation and dialogue; individual decision making and behavior; and science, health, and environmental communication. In particular, my research focuses on how individuals and groups of people make decisions on contentious issues in face-to-face and online settings, how people and policy makers can come together to deliberate and make better decisions on issues that involve significant societal and personal risk, and how communication research can address racial and ethnic inequalities in our society.

Some of my recent and ongoing projects involve helping communities deliberate on and develop solutions to environmental problems, working with American Indian / Alaska Native communities to address health and biomedical research inequities through community engaged research, studying how underserved and minority communities can be better reached with risk communication messages, and analyzing how news media content may contribute to marginalization of minority groups and immigrants.